Bowls Club

Carpet Bowls is very similar to green bowls but it is played indoors on a special carpet 
marked out with jack positions and lines from which the wood is bowled.

The club at Ludwick Way came about after a major renovation in the 1990s. One of the
Church members asked if the new crush area carpet would be suitable to play on 
so we tried it out and found it was.

The club meets every Thursday afternoon and has become a very popular social as well as
competitive time for our twenty or so members. We have bought our own sets of bowls
 and we have a proper carpet, which was kindly donated by Shenley Roman Catholic
Church of the Good Shepherd.

Anyone is welcome to join the fun even if you do not bowl. There is a small charge of to
 cover the cost of heating, lightingand refreshments during the afternoon. Any excess funds
are either donated to charity or used to buy gardeningequipment or plants for the church.