Keeping Safe with COVID-19

The  Methodist Church nationally has adopted a safety-first approach to reopening the premises of its local churches.

National Methodist gudance is firmly based on UK Government guidance for places of worship and for community halls and other places where people meet. 

We have prepared a checklist for reopening the building, a formal Risk Assessment so that we can keep people safe, an Acton Plan, and a note explaining what is different about church in the time of  COVID.

Similar documents will be prepared for each of our activities as they reopen.

Any other person or organisation who uses our building must also prepare a Risk Assessment and co-operate with us to keep everyone who comes into the church safe. These arre legal duties.

The level of the disease in the local community, Government regulations and guidance, and our experience of how our precautions work, will all change with time. That means our Risk Assessments and our ways of meeting in the church, will also change.

Our COVID precautions are the responsibility of Church Council. On 18th August and 10th September 2020, Church Council

approved the preparations so far,

agreed to continue with a trial service on 13th September and a full reopening from 4th October,

agreed the documents (see the panel on the right), and

appointed a COVID group led by Tony Stubbs, Senior Steward, as the "Responsible Person" authorised to take decisions about COVID matters.

For more details, please contact Tony at  anthonystubbs21[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk