Being Church without either a church building, or meeting face to face

We often say that Church is a community of people, not just a building. So now is our chance to put that into practice.

If you are a church member, or one of our regular community, and you fall ill, or would like pastoral support by phone, please let your pastoral visitor know. 

Anyone else who would like such support and help as we can offer, please contact one of our ministers, Bruce or Linda.

Online services with Ludwick Way

(and other local Methodist churches)

We are holding services through both zoom (online video) and our WhatsApp text chat group.

The software for both is free. They work on any smartphone or tablet.

For more about how the WhatsApp services work see here .

If you would like to join us, please contact one of our ministers, Bruce or Linda.

In the WhatsApp groups, we also exchange news, prayers and encouragement, and generally keep in touch.

Online services from other Methodist churches

This page contains links to weekly service sheets designed for people who are isolated in their homes. You'll also find links to online church services.

If you would like telephone support, or to keep in touch by post or email

We produce a letter, which is posted out to anyone who wants it, each week. The letter includes an order of service for you to follow at home on the following Sunday.

The letter can also be emailed to you.

We can also offer a telephone call at an agreed time, to keep in touch and to offer a link to teh outside world.

Please contact one of our ministers, whether the request is for you or for anyone else.


We will keep this page updated whenever there is news.