About Us

We are Christians who follow the way
of Jesus in the 21st century. 
We want to be a living demonstration of God's kingdom, 
serving the people in our community. 
Our doors are open to all, and we go out and meet people 
in their work, their schools, other places of worship 
and where appropriate their homes. 
To fulfil our mission we must increase our numbers
and encourage fuller contributions 
of time and talents of our members.


Our Pledge...

We, as a congregation, promise that we will do all we can 
to live responsibly on this earth.

We will cherish our environment and the earth's resources.

We will not thoughtlessly kill or destroy any living thing.

We will work to ensure that no child anywhere in the world will go to bed hungry.

We will use our plenty to aid and support those who are in need 
by buying fairly traded products.

We intend that the footprint that we leave behind us will be an enhancement 

and not a scar on the planet that we call home.


On 12 February 2020, Church Council agreed to sign this Open Letter , drafted by the charity Church Action on Poverty.