Mr. Peter Slade - Our Organist.

   Peter first statrted to play piano, when he went to grammar school some 50 years ago and, as a result he developed a keen interest in classical music. At that time he was attending Hertford Methodist Church and playing piano for the Sunday School (known as Junior Church today). Peter's interest in the Organ was sparked and encouraged by the elderly lady organist, who played at the church. By the time he gained an "O" Level (GCSE) in music, he was recieving organ lessons from the Director of Music at All Saints Church in Hertford. He attained an "A" level in music by the time he was sixteen but, for various reasons, Peter did not go on to University. During his twenties he didn't actively continue with his music to any great extent but in the late 1980's, he was approached by a member of this church to find out if he was available to play regularly at services here at Ludwick Way and the rest, as the saying goes, is history .




Mrs. Penny Leong 








Mr Alastair Wilson - Alastair is a University senior manager as well as professional cellist, pianist, organist and composer. He is a former member of the church, who for professional reasons, moved away from Welwyn Garden City. Alastair occasionally returns to help the other musicians as a visiting organist.






Mr Bob Cameron - Bob is the emergency stand-by 'musician'.

Bob's interest in music started at Primary scool, where he started out out playing recorder. At secondary School he moved to playing  brass instruments trying various ones, including Cornet, Trombone and Euphonium he finally settled on the French Horn. Whilst still at Secondary school, he joined the local West Yorkshire Area Schools Music Centre where he rose to being Principal Horn in both the Symphony Orchestra and the Concert Band, and the Dearne Youth Orchestra as 3rd Horn. When he finished school he joined the Royal Navy as an apprentice engineer In the RN he continued to play in both the Bands of both HMS Collingwood and HMS Bristol. On leaving the RN he moved to Welwyn Garden City and joined the Hatfield Concert Band as first horn. When this band folded a few years later he gave up his playing career, However, with his combined talents of having gained a measure of musicality from playing and his technical knowledge from his career as an engineer, he took over as the main operator of the the Hymn Technology HT-300 Digital Hymnal. This can be best described as a Karaoke machine for churches.