Friday Fun

Friday Fun is basically an after school club for young people. It was started in order to introduce young people to a Christian way of life. The young people are from educational years 1 to  9, with reception age childrens membership being negotiable. Here is a message from one of the young people that are part of this group.



" Hi! My name is Aliyah. I'm 10 years old and I go to Friday Fun which happens after school (3:15 to 5:30) on a Friday. It's really enjoyable, that's why its called Friday Fun. So, I will write about what we do so maybe you might consider giving it a try.

Arts and Crafts  

We do different forms of art such as:  Painting, Drawing, Modelling and more. The picture shows an Easter Bonnet. We aim to do it based off the story (I will explain later).






At about 4:00, we sit down in a group and listen to the short stories - which follows the ideas of Rev'd Jerome's 'Godly Play' - using figurines to represent peoplw in the stories. This helps younger children to understand. Sometimes we colour like in the picture




Instead of Arts and Crafts we sometimes do LEGOTM , (which is about the story). I'm sorry but I don't have a picture of this.




Before we get started with the story, we get out a bag that has some games in it, like board games, card games and TwisterTM .






Food and Drink

Also, you might be hungry straight after school so there are always food (Snacks) and drinks available. If you want to you can always give a donation as it helps to provide food."